Windows 11 KB5034204 issues

According to reports, Windows 11 KB5034204 won’t install for some people due to 0x8007000d. Others are encountering taskbar problems, and some cannot use File Explorer if the update installs successfully.

KB5034204 is an optional update for Windows 11 23H2/22H2, and Microsoft has already confirmed this patch won’t install automatically unless you check for updates or grab the .msu files from the Update Catalog. If you haven’t installed the update yet, you might want to skip it due to the potential issues.

In our comments section, users report that the Windows 11 January 2024 update fails to install or crashes the taskbar and File Explorer. Users on Feedback Hub also confirmed that KB5034204 is failing to install, with error 0x8007000d being a common issue. This occurs when the installation reaches 100%, with messages indicating missing files.

KB5034204 installation issues

As you can see in the above screenshot, Windows automatically rolls back the update after a failed installation attempt.

When this happens, you may see the “Something didn’t go as planned. No need to worry- undoing changes. Please keep your computer on” message on your screen.

It is important to understand these installation issues were also experienced with the Windows 11 KB5034123 security patch, and the bug has also slipped into the optional release.

Despite efforts like running the update troubleshooter and the System File Checker (sfc), the issue persists for many.

KB5034204 breaks File Explorer and Taskbar

In addition to installation woes, Windows 11’s January 2024 optional update has also led to unexpected problems with File Explorer.

File Explorer has become unresponsive for some, especially after attempting and failing to install the update. In some cases, the desktop’s screen goes blank for a bit before coming back. Others report that Windows throws an error message about explorer.exe error during shutdown.

Some users have reported that after installing KB5034204, they are unable to interact with desktop icons like the PC or Recycle Bin, nor can they access the taskbar icons.

Our tests also observed that Windows 11 KB5034204 causes the taskbar to disappear. If you’re affected, the taskbar won’t appear unless you press Win+X. Even then, pressing the Windows button on the keyboard or clicking it on the taskbar doesn’t show the Start Menu.

“I experienced the same issue. Since it’s impossible to hide the update, the only current solution is to disable automatic updates from downloading,” one of the affected users confirmed experiencing similar issues in a post on Reddit.

Another issue involves AggregatorHost.exe, which has been reported to fail during initial boot and subsequent restarts over several months.

Not everything is terrible with this update, though. It does fix some other problems. For example, it has fixed an issue that allows the search bar in the Start menu to work better.

According to release notes, which still say the company is unaware of issues, the update improves the File Explorer Gallery, fixing a bug preventing users from closing tooltips. It also improves the performance of Bluetooth earbuds and allows you to attend calls over Bluetooth smoothly using your PC.

Despite these fixes, the overall user experience with the Windows 11 update remains mixed due to the installation and other problems many face.

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