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Microsoft is already preparing the next big update for Windows 11 for the end of 2024,  codenamed “Hudson Valley”, with a bigger focus on AI. In a new support document first spotted by Windows Latest, Microsoft has confirmed “Windows 11 24H2” is real and coming later this year.

The support document, first discovered by Windows Latest, may have unintentionally confirmed the arrival of Windows 11 24H2. The documentation talks about the EnumDeviceDrivers function, a component used by developers and systems administrators to work with drivers.

Microsoft’s website sheds light on the history of this function, mentioning how it has evolved since Windows 7. The most noteworthy update mentioned in the document is for Windows 11 Version 24H2. It states that Windows 11 24H2 changes how to get specific information from the EnumDeviceDrivers function.

Windows 11 24H2 document spotted
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While this document is geared towards developers, the accidental mention of Windows 11 24H2 is an exciting hint at the next big Windows release.

According to other internal documents seen by Windows Latest, Microsoft is planning a broader rollout of Windows 11 24H2 in late Q3 or early Q4. This confirms previous rumours that Windows 11’s most significant AI upgrade looks to be getting ready for release later in September-October, with preview builds being internally tested.

While it’s widely believed that the next version of Microsoft’s OS will be called Windows 12, there’s little doubt about the theory. It’s possible Microsoft may have decided against “Windows 12” branding after recent organization shake-ups, and Windows 11 24H2 is indeed the next big release.

This means Windows 12 may not be coming in 2024, and Microsoft will retain Windows 11 branding for now. PC makers like HP are also using “Windows 11 2024 Update” when referencing the next big Windows release. On the other hand, Qualcomm still uses an unspecified “Windows OS” term when referring to the next Windows release.

What to expect in Windows 11 24H2

Microsoft appears to be working on a new version of Copilot for Windows 11, with features like contextual awareness and deeper integration with other apps or services.

For example, you can access messages from your Android phone using Copilot, which is already in the works on the web version. Similarly, Copilot will integrate with many other apps so that you can use the AI everywhere.

Of course, you can also expect significant performance improvements.

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