A Poem

Occasionally, I feel the need to write out a bit of poetry and out comes the pencil and paper. I usually just let the poem flow as it comes, with no particular plan. This one came to me as I was knitting a sweater and musing over how my life has been changing over the last few years.

The wind in the trees calls to me,
“Come and dance! Come and dance!”
And my feet begin to move again,
It’s time to take this chance.
The sprites of the river call to me,
“Rise and sing! Rise and sing!”
And though my throat is tight from silence
A joyful sound it starts to bring.
The rain on the stones calls to me,
“Laugh and play! Laugh and play!”
I thought that I’d forgotten this,
But my smile is here to stay.
The sun in the meadow calls to me,
“Be at peace. Be at peace.”
And my heart filled with warmth,
while chaos and sorrow did cease.
The Spirit of the universe called to me,
“It’s time to live, time to be free,
Embrace your gifts and open your eyes.
Breathe, Sacred One, and Be.”

Shayla Morrigan, April 13, 2015ce

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