Chakra – Crown

And now we come to the final post in this series. I do apologize for the long wait, but with the holidays and such, it was pretty busy around the Nest. Things should be back on track for a while and I hope to revisit these ideas later and with more detail.

The Crown Chakra, or Sahasrara (sa-ha-srA-ra) is located just above the crown of your head and the associated color is white. The usual emotional associations are trust, wellness, hope, peace, and of course, love. In the Eastern teachings, the animal is the antelope. Raven are able to adapt to just about every sort of habitat, finding ways to thrive even under extreme circumstances.

The Raven is the creature that I see most clearly for this Chakra. When I think of a Raven, I think of mystery and things that are hidden. I think of the colors of the feathers that can only be seen in the bright sunlight, and are subdued in shadow. I also think about the unique call that the Raven makes and how it seems a little other-worldly when I hear it. Ravens are very intelligent and they have even been known to learn human words.

RavenIn Native American teachings, the Raven was thought of as a bringer-of-light and is thought of with great respect. Raven is a healer, master magician, and a shape-shifter. Raven is often seen as the messenger of the spirit world and represents a change in consciousness.

(Yes, I have been using the same format for the next part, mainly because I want to keep these simple and easy to follow and incorporate into a daily meditation.)

Read this next part over and use some of these suggestions during your daily meditation for a week and see what happens. I would love to hear what your results are. (I won’t tell you the best way to meditate because I know that it’s different for everyone. I am still learning what my best method is.)

Set up your meditative space the way that is best for you. I prefer a light shawl over my shoulders, sitting cross-legged on my bed, with a pillow between me and the wall. I sometimes light incense, but more often I do not. I usually have my headphones in and am playing a variety of tracks (I’ll get into that later). Most of the time I meditate while my daughter is busy doing her own thing.

Once you set up your space and are ready to begin, take a deep, cleansing breath, holding for a moment then slowly let it out. To help myself stay focused on breathing, I will count to four on the inhale and eight on the exhale. Continue breathing in this manner, letting your body relax with each breath. Place your hands on your knees, palms facing upward. Imagine a bright, white glow flowing from your hands and flowing to surround all of your space. When you reach a state of relaxation, ask whatever guide you have (Spirit, Universe, God, or just your own Self) that you be introduced to Raven. Visualize the flight of the Raven as it soars above the valleys and ravines. Think about the quiet way they watch what is going on around them as they perch on the high branches.. Allow whatever thoughts that might come your way to float up to the surface so that you can see them more clearly. This will give you the chance to increase the energy in your meditation.

When you begin to lose focus on the meditation, whether it’s five minutes or fifty, thank the energy of the Ravenfor coming to you that day. Take another deep breathe and stretch your limbs as if you were a Raven spreading its wings before settling back onto the branch. If you did not feel a connection to Raven during this meditation, do not be discouraged. Try again tomorrow at a different time of the day.

Thank you for sharing this with me. May your day be blessed.


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