Bright blessings!

Today is Winter Solstice and a New Moon. What an amazing amount of energy there is out there!

This morning I woke to a quiet and peaceful house and was able to go outside and watch the sky lighten as the sun made its way above the horizon. It was chilly and beautiful and wonderful. When I came back indoors, the cats greeted me with head-butts and tails twining around my legs. It was almost as if they, too, wanted to share in that energy.

After breakfast and coffee, I sat down to get the new shop items in order and get them listed. How fun it was to imagine each item going to a new home and bringing some bit of blessing to those who needed it. I still have many ideas and am hoping to get them into the shop soon. The increasing daylight, the increasing moonlight… it all fills me with an amazing sense of positivism and joy.

May you all have a blessed day and season!

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