Charge of the Goddess

Originally posted on Radical Muse:
Adapted by Shekhinah MountainwaterOriginally compiled and composed by Doreen Valiente Hear ye the words of the Star Goddess The dust of whose feet Are the hosts of heaven She whose body Encircles the universe: I am the beauty of the green earth And the white moon amongst the stars And…

Endings, beginnings, and both

As the light outside finally reaches a point where I can see outside the window, I think about the night that just ended. Another restless one, but this day has the potential for great things. And that started the whirl of thoughts of when things end and how the next thing begins. Not long ago… Continue reading Endings, beginnings, and both

Slowly, slowly

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As cold temperatures race through the country, I can’t help but wonder how I’m going to handle the winters. Oh, I have ideas of adding insulation, possibly the under-floor heating, and lots of wooly rugs, but will that be enough? I know that I could just drive somewhere where…

Chakra – Third Eye

The Third Eye Chakra, or Ajna (a-jna) is located in the center of your brain and the associated color is deep blue or indigo. The usual emotional associations are psychic awareness, creating reality from thought, and the spiritual mind. In the Eastern teachings, there actually isn’t an animal associated with it since it’s not seen as part… Continue reading Chakra – Third Eye